Urban Farm In The Country Slovenia - A Barn Outside, Urban Inside

 Known for its unique, modern take on the traditional architecture, Slovenian architecture firm Arhitekti Bevk Perovic has been designed to accommodate the country house of HB nod towards the modern city. This barn-shaped house is a long, low profile design that fits perfectly in this rural setting Pirnice in Ljubljana, Slovenia. But that is where agreement ends and the attractions of modern city life. The house was lit by a contemporary aluminum roof, which extends along the sides of your home. Front and rear facades of this house are glass, home to a mixture of the pastoral landscape while flooding the interior with natural light. Home decor extends to the outside on the grass using wooden bridges, an inviting outdoor spaces through a large sliding glass doors. The modern interior is designed with no walls, so chic, open floor plan concept to promote socialization and fun.

But when a little privacy is in order, the rooms and libraries are closed at the level of concrete built at great depth, which opens onto a private patio. Arhitekti Bevk Perovic.

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