Kitchen Design

 Hello comrades! Here's the latest home design dreams.

(The sun never sets on the occasion, so it's always good morning!)

The interior design of the project we have here is one of our projects in the Kingdom of Bahrain, while I was working there last from 2007 to 2009. In fact, this project is a two-storey villa, which is the same project that I've posted a couple of days. I was assigned by our interior designer to give an interior design concept, particularly in the field kitchen. Although this project is in Bahrain, but as you can see I have discovered is not actually designed a typical Arabic design. Not even one element is present in the line of interior design. So you can adapt this concept to the Philippines, if you want.

To be honest, I'm not really more of a decorator, because my experience is more on the architectural design, but as our interior designer asking about a concept, so I give it my best shot until here. Folks, let me share the concepts of interior design online.

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