Futuristic Building Design From Singapore University UNStudio

A fantastic design campus I have to say that the masters of architecture UNStudio. The campus building is not very big yet, but the project was known as Parcel A, University of Singapore technology and design of the bridge SUTD campus. This will be the building's most prestigious university located in an area of ​​76,846 meters square. To welcome challenge for the future of green design futuristic concept uses green building and no doubt will be home to the architecture and design software development (ASD).

Ben van Berkel of UNStudio said this project as follows: "The main objective of the design of Singapore University of Technology and the design was to create a campus to celebrate as well as teaching and learning in a transparent network has a view of horizontal, vertical and diagonal in the neighborhood of the double-campus organization allows professors, students and teachers. to see, meet and communicate with each other in a network of points of passage, characterized by a potential for interaction and exchange time. "The Incredible Design at the University that we hope to see it come to virtualization, and we can not wait. Directly control the progress of UNStudio

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