Coastal Home Designs - Capture Coast And Mountains

 On the coast, the home of simple but beautiful by Parsonson Architects New Zealand had to work with its rugged coastal scenery. Located in the solution of Shoal Bay on the remote Hawkes Bay (New Zealand New non-existent, on the east coast North Island), the house rises from the ground and next to the original bet, around early 1900. The house style is decidedly informal, as described by the architects: "rugged yet comfortable and provides shelter, unassuming, the kind of place where you take off your shoes and do not need to s' worry about the operation of sand through the house. "The exterior has wood slats that allow natural light to filter through the interiors. From floor to ceiling sliding glass doors and skylights also do a good job of bringing the outside in two flags up a little house, occupied by the public living spaces and the other rooms.

Each end of the house has a terrace - the ideal point of view to the coast and mountains. Parsonson Architects.

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