Bungalow House

 Hello guys! Parliament in this last dream I design the Philippines.

(Sun does not set the option, because it is always morning!)

This project is one of my old project back in 2004. The location of this is in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. Although I make some changes in materials, some items and ratios. It turns out that I came across this project house bungalow, while searching my old files and decided to do some 3D rendering architectural him. The elements of this house bungalow is very common in the homes of the Philippines, also the materials used are very common. As you can see that this house is very clear that this is just a small house with a small party, but as an architect in the Philippines, it is our task and a challenge on how to put everything together in harmony . Design of a luxury home small house, big house, two-storey house, 5 bedrooms, concrete house, the house of Lot house close to chip or a beach house has always been a challenge for me.

Information about the project.

Rough estimate of the cost = PHP. 1,000,000.00

Lot size = 12m x 13m (156 sqm)

Floor area = 75 sqm. except corner garage.

House characteristics:

* 3 bedrooms

* A shared bathroom

* Dining room and kitchen area (3m x 5.5 m)

* Stay (3.5 x 4 m)

* Laundry Area

* A garage

This may not be the best interior design house, or the best view in the Philippines, but if you ask the owner, he says, that this is their dream home. Each house is a dream come true. First, it begins in our minds, our dreams, as it occurs. If you believe in the movie "Secret" or Law of Attraction so you know what I mean. Now people, live your dream home? The answer lies deep within you. Continue to believe in your dreams. Continue to dream.

Remember this verse from the holy book, my dear friends,

"With God all things are possible" (Matthew 19:26).

As long as the kids say it out loud with a convincing

The name of God I will live my dreams.

Live your dreams,

Bernard Cadelina


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