Rent Luxurious Beach House Apartment Facing Manhattan Beach California

The lavish and luxurious beach house apartment shown below is unbelievable. It is a perfect dream home built with a perfect contemporary style. The concept had started with a friendly home environment. This beautiful and mind blowing house has got such an effect because of the overlooking ever gorgeous Manhattan Beach. Architectural design of this house is the result of Steve Lazar. The use of wood can be seen nearly in every room and it has become the main ingredient in building structures and polished. Glass sliding doors are made to always have a clear view of the panorama beach. The contemporary furniture which decorates the living room, the material used for kitchen equipment consist primarily of stainless steel with blue / green reflective mosaic tile, it will make anyone who was in this house feel comfortable.
Manhatam Beach House Exterior Design
main exterior house apartment beach side
Beach House Apartment In California – Living Room
main living room manhattam beach house
Beach Home Apartment In California
mahogany wood doors beach house
Beach House Apartment In California – Patio Furniture
living room with patio wooden furniture
Luxurious Beach House Apartment In California – Bedroom
lavish bedroom california beach house
Lavish Beach House Apartment In California – Dining Room
dining room manhattam beach house

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