Designing Our Dream House

Designing Our Dream House

Dream house is a house that we always wanted to have and build. There are some important things to be noted before building our dream house. Climate is one of the components that we have to consider when we are designing our dream house, especially when we are planning to apply home design from non-tropical design to tropical country. For example, if the houses from four season countries usually make everything closed and have lower plafond. When that kind of style applied into tropical countries, we have to maximize the usage of air conditioner, so the electricity bills will be very high. On the contrary, if we are going to make a tropical dream house, it will be better if we give many windows and big doors, good air circulation, and high plafond. We can create terrace surround our dream house. We need bigger space to create a tropical dream house.

Another thing we have to consider when designing our dream house is to design a house model according to family needs. The health factor of the family member has to be the priority. For example, avoid using materials or ornaments with bad effects such as asbestos. After filing every needs and wants in living in a dream house, make the design whether using architect service or not. The dream house is not always have to be luxurious. A dream house can be made based on several types of budgets, including simple budget. But the owner of the house has to be smart enough t get cheap house but with good quality. To build beautiful cheap house, the owner has to know tips and tricks in making and choosing the building materials with good quality. For example, if marble is out of our budget, we can try unfinished method or material expose for the floor or our dream house.

Dream house 1

Dream house 2

Dream house 3

Dream house 4

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